TemplateMonster Or ThemeForest? Where Can You Get A Top-Notch WordPress Theme?

21st century in an era of high technologies, an online business, an online marketing, simply, an online everything. It is easy to promote your products or services having a website that will present your skills in the best light. Moreover, there are lots of solutions for making it go live these days. Tons of paid and free website templates are here to help you with empowering your own biz.

Among the wide range of CMS platforms today’s market has, we can emphasize WordPress. WordPress doesn’t require any programing knowledge, it’s easy in use, and that’s why it is so popular. Moreover, there are so many WordPress providers that it won’t take you too long to find a perfect one for yourself.

Sure, we can find lots of WordPress developers that can provide us with pre-made solutions. However, to get a five-star quality we have to look for the real sharks in a web development world. Here, we have ThemeForest – the biggest themes’ marketplace where you can find various ready-made website templates. On the other hand, there is TemplateMonster – another big player. So, which company to choose to get a top-notch WordPress theme?

ThemeForest is a huge marketplace with more than 36K website templates from different providers from all over the world. Here every developer can find his own spot and provide customers with pre-made solutions. Moreover, ThemeForest is also known for its strict requirements when comes to the template’s design and functionality. Simply, you have to be a real pro to get there with your own product. Furthermore, every developer has to provide customers with a technical support, however, not all of them do it. But still, if developer decided not to answer your request, he has to provide you with some crucial updates right away.

Here every provider set his own prices for the website templates. For example, you can find a theme that will cost you $20, or another one for $100. However, an average price for the theme is about $50, which is not to high.

TemplateMonster is a company with over 15 years of experience. This company has more than 1500 of WordPress themes, and over 26K of ready-made website templates in common. A wide range of themes will help every business owner to build a marvelous solution with a modern functionality and a catchy design.

Furthermore, TemplateMonster became a marketplace recently, so, here you can also use products of developers from various locations. Moreover, just like ThemeForest, TemplateMonster has strict rules for every provider, thus, each template is checked carefully before coming to live.

As for the pricing, an average tag for one WordPress theme is $75. Additionally, every theme comes with a 24/7 technical support and other useful options.

Themes Functionality

As I said above, every template is checked in details before become accessible for the download. Each theme’s functionality depends on its developers, thus, every group of providers insert their own unique widgets, modules, and other features.

Comparing ThemeForest’s and TemplateMonster’s WordPress themes, we can definitely see some common characteristics. For example, all up-to-dated themes are fully responsive and well-optimized for any modern web browser.

Moreover, ThemeForest and TemplateMonster have a plenty of multipurpose WordPress themes that are so popular nowadays. These WordPress themes are more flexible and come with versatile design options, thus, they fit any kind of business.

In addition, every WordPress theme from TemplateMonster is built with Cherry Framework. This powerful framework makes an installation process way easier and faster, and allows you to use a Bootstrap enlarged functionality. Meanwhile, such frameworks are also popular on ThemeForest, but you have to search for them for a while.


Template’s support is really important for every web user because you never know what can happen. ThemeForest, unfortunately, doesn’t provide customers with tech support, furthermore, these guys can’t guarantee that providers will support your template further. Thus, if something went wrong with your template, all you can do is to post a comment below the provider’s theme and to wait for the response. You can also search for the web dev forums to find a solution there, or you may find a pro that will help you to solve this kind of problem. Well, it will take you a bunch of time and money while you make it done.

Meanwhile, all TemplateMonster’s themes are coming with 24/7 technical support that is always here to help you. You can contact these guys via email, or simply, make a call in case of any additional question.

It is not a secret that ThemeForest boasts an affordable themes’ pricing. Here, prices start from $20 for the well-done website template, but you can also find $100 tag. However, you can use one template only for one project. Sure, you can buy an extended licence that will cost you over $1000 but that is not the best way.

To use one template for various projects you better look for GPL WordPress themes. Simply, this type of licence allows you to buy once and to use forever. As for the ThemeForest, these guys have some GPL WordPress themes, but trust me, it’s not so much of them, and you won’t find these themes easily. Meanwhile, once you are on TemplateMonster’s site, you can find there more than 250 GPL themes. Moreover, you can quickly find them by means of keywords.

Talking about the prices, an average price for WordPress theme on TemplateMonster is about $70. There are different type of discounts as well, thus, it’s not the final price. Sometimes, you can find even a 50% discount on this or that group of templates, while ThemeForest is not about sales.

As we can see, there are some common and diverse things between these two web space sharks. ThemeForest is good by its pricing and a rich choice of providers from all over the globe. On the other hand, TemplateMonster provides customers with 24/7 technical support and various discounts that will help you to save a bit of money.

To sum everything up, we would recommend you making a choice based on your personal requirements and preferences. Always check twice, pay attention to feedback and technical abilities, thus, you’ll find a top-notch WordPress theme to make your business rock. Good luck and have a good day!